What we invest in

Redefining lottery – moving beyond balls in see-through tumble dryers to exciting mass-appeal prize gaming

We are obsessed with ideas that challenge ingrained assumptions and that create new player experiences, moving beyond lottery as we have known it for a long time.

Does your idea have the potential to delight the next generation of players? Have you found a way to make your game truly international? Can you be the UBER of lottery?

If so, we would love to hear from you.

What we look for in an investment

When we invest in a company, we invest in the people behind it. We want to work with teams who have a clear vision and a genius plan to execute it. Accordingly, we don’t think of our finance as just finance: it’s a vote of confidence in your company. It’s a sign that we believe in your vision, trust that you can make a tangible difference to the world, and that we are ready to help you bring it to fruition.

We expect you to have a team, a product and some validation, in the form of real data, that points to the underlying health of your business and to your vision being attainable.

How we help

We are a team of seasoned CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and strategy professionals who can offer direct insights into the delights, frustrations, and challenges of running a company.

We know the lottery industry better than anyone else and have an intimate familiarity with its quirks, challenges, and regulations. And we are passionate about bringing brilliant, disruptive ideas to life.

Being part of ZEAL Network, we also benefit from direct access to our highly successful B2C and B2B group companies to help accelerate your growth.