ZEAL Network and
ZEAL Investments

ZEAL Network is passionate about creating a better world of lottery and historically has been a major disruptor in the industry. In addition to its in-house innovation initiatives, ZEAL wants to support promising lottery entrepreneurs early on in their development to challenge ingrained assumptions and maximize the speed of innovation in the space.

ZEAL Investments is one of ZEAL’s latest growth initiatives to foster this revolution. Backed by the Board, ZEAL Investments enjoys privileged access to information, assets and the senior leadership team of ZEAL Network.


ZEAL Investments is owned by parent company, ZEAL Network.

Founded in 1999, ZEAL Network began life as Tipp24 in Germany. State lotteries did not have any online experience and only sold tickets via offline retailers. Tipp24 emerged to bridge the gap to the internet as a sales channel and pioneered the online brokerage model. Through superior strategic and technical capabilities Tipp24 quickly emerged as the dominant lottery broker and is regarded as one of Germany’s most successful online businesses from the dotcom-era. As a result, Tipp24 floated in 2005 at a valuation of € 182m.

After the IPO, the company has focused on giving players access to participate in the world’s most exciting lotteries, irrespective of where they are. It has since become a pan-European organisation with a number of international operations and in 2014, reinvented itself as ZEAL Network.